October 27, 2010


Over the summer my mother decided she needed a website for her vocal pedagogy and teaching practises. She wanted something simple and something she could maintain herself.

The candidates that we chose from were Blogspot, Wordpress.com and Squarespace. We decided on Squarespace for it's affordability, and fantastic theme customization. It was decided that the focus of the site was not to be a blog, so the other two services had trouble keeping up in features that allowed the level of customization that Squarespace does.

Within a few hours I managed to setup pages, customize the style and setup a custom domain. What I did find a lack in, was support for one site in multiple languages - without setting up a separate site. So I had to come up with a layout that would support two languages without ruining the flow of information - I hope to have accomplished that on my mom's site.

If anyone knows of a way to be able to create a site in two languages in Squarespace I'd be glad to listen to your solution.

And for anyone still reading, here's the link to the site.