March 8, 2010

MobileMe is gone. Long live Google Sync.

About a month ago I wrote a post on quitting MobileMe. My end of service came, with many emails from Apple reminding me that my access might be, will be, has been - renew now! - cut off, and I'm still using Google Sync. I can only recommend this service to anyone looking for a cheaper - read free - alternative to MobileMe. Only talking sync capabilities of contacts, calendars, mail - there is no iDisk or Find My iPhone equivalent on Google Sync, but there's always DropBox.

I did find a few glitches with syncing long recurring events (University Schedule, work - with a never ending end date) that would not properly delete from iCal iPhone / Mac when I remove one occurrence from Google Calendar. These glitches were fixed when I un-synced my iPhone and let Google overwrite and re-sync the calendar events. I have not run into the problem again.

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