March 9, 2010

Mac OS X and the 24hr time struggle

I grew up on 24 hour time, so I always customize my Operating Systems to show me times in 24 hour time. I recently got confused when iCal tried to convince me that hours between midnight and 1am should be shown as 24:xx. So an event in my iCal ending at 00:15 would in fact show up as 24:15.

If you have encountered this problem with iCal, there's a quick fix in settings for you:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Language & Text
  3. Under the 'Times' segment click 'Customize'
    • You'll be presented with a slide-down of short, medium, long times with text fields looking something like this:

  4. Click on the hour, await the drop down and pick 00-23. Apparently the default is set to 01-24
    • It'll look something like this:

Voila! Proper 24hr time in a customized Canadian Region going from 00-23. Finally!

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