October 5, 2009

Use RemoteDisc with XP and MacBookPro

I bought a 15" MacBookPro the other month. 2 weeks in my disc drive was shredding CD's - I'm still waiting on a replacement part.

In the mean time I need to install things from disc, like Office:mac, iWork, iLive etc. So I set out to find a way to use Apple's RemoteDisc with my MacBookPro. Why isn't this enabled for MacBooks and MacBookPros by default, because it's only "designed" to work with the MacBookAir. Sheesh...

Anyways, Jason Evangelho has a quick tutorial on how to enable RemoteDisc for all macs using Apple's oh-so-powerful defaults write. I can confirm it's working, as I'm using my work Dell to install iWork on my MacBookPro as we speak.

October 1, 2009

Extended Warranties

I'm not the guy to buy extended warranties for most things. An iPod? No thanks, when it dies I'll get a new one. A TV? I have faith in the manufacturer to make a unit that'll last 3+ years before it dies.

Now here's my predicament: My Car. I drive an '07 Focus bought in Winter '06. It's been three years this fall and it's at 57,000 km. My 3yr/60,000 km "Bumper to Bumper" warranty is practically up. That warranty covers things like: electrical, A/C, gadgets (heated seats, audio unit) etc. - an accessories warranty so to speak.

Jubilee Ford is offering me an in-house warranty that will extend my Bumper to Bumper for another 3 years / 150,000 km for $1900 (CDN).

I know nothing about extended warranties, is it worth not investing said amount and potentially being stuck with a broken A/C next summer that will cost me more to fix?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Note: I should mention I have two warranties. Powertrain (5yr / 150k) and Bumper To Bumper (3yr / 60k) In 2 years, I'll have a chance to extend my Powertrain should I choose to. I'm only talking about the Bumper To Bumper right now :P