May 9, 2009

Music of the Week #0

New regular for the blog (I hope I can keep it regular): What music I've found and listened to each week. Since I've started my musical quest in February I've been exposed to many new bands and new music.

To Do this I'm using two tools, an iTunes Smart Playlist and my account. The Smart Playlist is setup to limit me to 25 tracks I've played most in the past week. My account will help me actually get real play counts and let me have a second data set to compare to.

If anyone has suggestions about getting more accurate data, don't hesitate to leave them in a comment.

So, to get things started I've titled this post #0 as an introduction and to post some data up until May 3rd. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll have a chance to review everything for the first actual "Music of the Week #1" post.

Music of the Week ending on May 3rd.
  1. The Lonely Island
  2. Thornley
  3. Peter Fox
  4. Gorillaz
  5. Justice
  6. Danger
I'm a big fan of The Lonely Island album "Incredibad". This seems a bit out of my usual listening pattern, but I listen to it for the absolute hilarity of the lyrics. I smile and giggle every time I listen to it.

Thornley to me is Canada's undiscovered gem for music. Ian Thornley's band has great live shows and albums. Songs from "Tiny Pictures" and their debut album "Come Again" were embedded somewhere, somehow into my playlists.

Peter Fox is a stranger to most located outside of German-speaking Europe. He is one of the frontment of band "Seeed" and has recently launched his solo career. His debut album "Stadtaffe" (translated 'city monkey') is a very interesting venture into the quickly popularizing genre of Dancehall. What I like about this album is the stronger focus on the merger between Dance and Hip Hop. The outcome is an album that doesn't get boring and interesting beats.

Gorillaz 'nuff said.

If you haven't listened to the french electro band Justice you need to - now. (No really, go do it now) Their main album "Cross" is so perfectly engineered that I use it as a benchmark for other electro albums. Justice has set the bar quite high with that album, too. The live album "A Cross the Universe" and their most recent EP "Planisphère" are a great addition to "Cross".

Danger is a new addition to my library. Until his site is done there's very little actual information about the artist on the MySpace page. I currently only own the "09/14/2007" EP with a great track naming convention of "11h30", "14h54" and "19h11". The single "Revolte at 22h10" was an instant hit in my book. Good beat, distorted singing, original melody - I'm sold.

More tomorrow when has generated last week's stats.

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