May 3, 2009

Bloc Party @ Odeon, Saskatoon

Last night was the Bloc Party concert at the Odeon in Saskatoon. I was very excited for this concert as this was the second time I got to see the band perform live.

The first concert was in at the '2005 Einslive Königstreffen' (German wikipedia entry) in Herzogenrath, Germany - Here's a flickr set I found. It was my first real festival with bands like Tocotronic, Max Herre, Gentlemen, Mando Diao and the final huge act of the evening Franz Ferdinand.

Anyhow, 2005 was the year Bloc Party's Silent Alarm album was release, and just months after the release was the show at the Königstreffen. The only single I'd heard at the time was Helicopter, so I didn't know what to expect. They put on a great show and the next day I had purchased Bloc Party, Mando Diao and Franz Ferdinand Albums.

When I heard on Rock102 that Bloc Party was coming to Saskatoon in January I bought tickets asap. I was excited. Bloc Party! Again! It's been 4 years!

In the mean time the band had released two new 'main' albums and various remix albums. The main albums 'A Weekend in the City' and 'Intimacy' were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The changes the band had gone through in influences and musicianship have been very apparent throughout the two albums.

Fast forward to today (well, last night, really). The night had finally come, Bloc Party time. Bloc Party recognized it was there first time in Saskatoon and promised they would rock us - if we rocked them too. Through out the show we were ordered to let out our inner cheekiness.

The show was a perfect mixture of songs from all three albums and crowd interaction. The highlight of crowd interaction was Kele, lead singer, crowd surfing a good 30 metres to the Odeon's little sound booth, whilst singing!

The Odeon should look into a new A/C, I'd say it was a good 40 degrees or more in the entire building, before the show had even started! Even the band commented a few times that it was very warm, also resulting in Matt, drummer, to play in his boxers.

Musical highlights for me included live sampling and manipulation by Kele and Russell, lead guitar. Very apparent in songs like 'Mercury', 'Ares' and 'Halo'.

So, despite the blistering heat, the show was absolutely fantastic and I hope to see Bloc Party again in the near future!

After the show I heard that some of the band were at my favourite local pub O'Shaes and went to check it out. I met a few friends and talked for a while up on the patio, and finally saw Matt. I apologized for interrupting and we talked a little, about that night's show and the 2005 festival. It was a nice little chat and I left with a signed show ticket. :)

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