March 11, 2007

300 (2007)

Considering all tickets for the Premiere show were sold out (and I was working) I decided to go watch the movie on Saturday morning.

I've got two word for you: Absolutely brilliant.

I'm the kind of guy that watches a movie and remembers good quotes from the movie. In 300 on the other hand.. there are so many good quotes I can only list a couple that (some only make sense in context) really affected me during the movie.

Leonidas: "This is where we fight. This is where they die!"

In context: The first attack wave of Xerxes army is rushing towards the 300 brave men standing in the hot gate passage. These are Leonidas last motivational words before the wave arrives.


Xserxes: "Imagine what our two cultures could share. All you need to do is kneel"
Leonidas: "It seems we've been sharing your culture all morning. [...] All that fighting... I think I have a cramp in my leg that does not permit me to kneel."

In context: The two kings meet. Xerxes tries to convince Leonidas to join ranks with him, as Xserxes has noticed that Leonidas is putting up quite the fight. Leonidas, cocky throughout the movie, mocks Xerxses offer.

There are so many amazing lines in this movie. The movie in general is amazing. There is little character development (better for me, more action) but the plot is well developed. The narrator is a nice additive.

I am really anticipating the DVD release of this movie.